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If you could only do magic for one day a year… what would you use it for? 

Mira has always been the worst witch in the coven, incapable of even remotely controlling her magic. LJ is the most skilled witch the coven has seen in centuries, but she refuses to follow the rules they set out for her.

On the Winter Solstice of their sixteenth year, the two girls walk into their coven’s Becoming Ceremony as witches and walk out as exiles. The rules of the coven are clear: as of midnight, they will both lose their powers. From then on, they will only be able to use magic once a year, on Halloween.

Mira wants to appeal for the High Council to return her powers but she will never learn to control her magic without help. All LJ wants to do with her magic is get revenge against everyone who has wronged her in her life but she could really use a helping hand. Working together only makes sense.

Over the coming years, Mira and LJ slowly fall out of touch, but they never fail to return to their hometown and meet up every Halloween. Their partnership is great, but they both know it will have to come to an end soon… and feelings developing along the way will only make it harder to say goodbye.

Witches in Love: Work
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